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Located in Linhai, a famous historical and cultural city of Zhejiang Province, Linhai Hejia Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. is a joint stock enterprise integrating production and foreign trade. We specialize in producing quality outdoor tourism leisure, process and outdoor furniture products. 

Taking "Integrity, practical, innovation and service" as its concept and "Creating more values for products and making efforts for improving human leisure lives", the company develops rapidly under the advanced management system and are awarded with "Top 10 Enterprise" and other honorary titles by the town government in 2006 and 2007. 

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Outdoor seat manufacturers, what aspects should be considered when purchasing outdoor landscape seats?
What aspects should be considered when buying outdoor landscape seats? Outdoor landscape seating has become one of the infrastructures of urban modernization. While providing convenience for people, it has also become a beautiful landscape in the city....
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What are the manufacturing materials of the sun umbrella
Advertising sun umbrella is a commonly used advertising material. In corporate publicity activities, various advertising sun umbrellas are always the key to attracting pedestrians. They are not only beautiful in appearance and colorful...
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Plastic wood outdoor chair is beautiful and durable
Because outdoor chairs are used in a harsh environment, consumers have always hoped that there will be outdoor chairs that are not afraid of wind and sun, do not rot and do not fade, and at the same time can match modern fashion homes...   塑木材料是以经过预处理的植物纤维或粉末(如木、竹、花生壳、椰子壳、亚麻、秸秆等)为主要成分,与高分子树脂基体和各种助剂复合而成的一种新型材料,具有植物纤维和高分子材料两者的诸多优点,在许多领域可以替代木材和钢材,真正实现以塑代木、以塑代钢,其永不腐烂、免漆、耐酸碱、阻燃、可锯、可粘、可钉、可刨、无需熏蒸、无需消毒,出口可获免检,不仅如此塑木材料还可以回收循环使用,是真正意义上的环保产品。   凭借塑木的特性,使得使用塑木制成的户外椅子也具备以下一些优势:   1.有着天然木材的外观和质感,亲近人类、亲近自然、保留了天然木纤维纹理或木质感、返朴归真,可与自然环境高度融合;摒弃了自然木材的缺陷、不龟裂、不易翘曲变形、无需定期保养;无木材的节疤、斜纹、色斑、霉斑等缺陷、表面光滑细腻。   2.可根据设计对产品灵活定制:尺寸、形状、厚度随意定制,表面光滑细腻,无需打磨、上漆,通过加入着色剂、覆膜等后期加工处理技术可制成色彩绚丽、质感逼真的各种塑木制品。   3.具有良好的机械性能:阻燃性好(防火),吸水性小(防水),尺寸稳定性好,抗腐蚀、抗摩擦、耐潮湿、耐老化、耐寒、抗紫外线,超强自洁,不被虫蛀、不长真菌、耐酸碱、无毒害、无污染等优良性能。抗紫外线,耐候性优良,尤其适于室外、露天日晒雨淋的休闲、体育场地、近水景观等场所。   4.耐污性好,抗菌卫生,超强自洁:表面致密无毛细孔,吸水率极低,细菌和霉菌无法寄生,是目前最干净卫生的新型复合装饰建筑材料。   5.使用寿命长,经济实用:平均比木材使用时间长五倍以上,无需定期维护,降低了后期加工和维护的成本费用,使用成本是木材的1/3~1/4,经济实用。   6.质坚量轻、绿色环保:产品质坚、量轻、保温、表面光滑平整;不含甲醛及其他有害物质;不需油漆,不污染环境,100%可回收循环利用,可生物降解,无毒害、与环境友好,是典型的绿色环保材料,是木材的理想替代品,国家鼓励生产。   7.具有木材和塑料的双重加工特性:加工简单,可应用木工加工方法灵活加工,任何木加工机械都可胜任装配。亦可根据设计的具体要求做各种表面仿木纹处理,以及其他处理。
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Daily cleaning method of steel outdoor chair
Sturdy and durable steel outdoor chairs are the most common, and they are also indispensable tools for outdoor use. The steel outdoor chair is present on the outer surface. The maintenance method can be wiped with a soft cloth...
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Process and material characteristics of anticorrosive wood leisure chair
The outdoor leisure chair has a narrow choice of materials because of its outdoor environment. Most of the materials are granite, marble, wood, stainless steel, steel pipe and other materials. Most of them are placed in public places such as parks...
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Hejia Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd., Dafang Village, Dongcheng Town, Linhai City, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province


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